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I need to finish up the final outcome today, because of yesterday 's model making was not nice I turned to other materials. I found this 2mm acrylic sheet in the plastic workshop and technician taught me how to use the tools and mechanics to cut the acrylic sheet and to heat it up in order to bend it. The visual quality and the weight of acrylic sheet were suitable and nice however the physical quality of it was too brittle, not mention the scale and patterns like the paper model I made, even enlarged and much less complicated design cannot be cut out successfully without breaking the sheet, therefore even though I like the thickness and the firm finished structure of it, I need to find some other material that wouldn't risks cracking have way wearing. Later on I bought the 0.1mm vacuum forming plastic and made the outer piece using it.


First day today and I'm really still trying to deal with all those changes that I meet, and already we were given so much info in just a few hours at the campus. Group discussion is actually the most scary part for me wherever I go, since I need to share my ideas and thoughts to some complete strangers and they might find my ideas stupid.. but luckily our group members were all nice and it's good that we get to hear from people that came from totally different parts of the world. I'm not familiar with the project like 'ideas factory', as it is largely based on ideas purely instead of requiring us to actually creating pieces of work out of ideas, therefore I definitely have to push myself harder on thinking out of my comfort zone and let ideas spread more freely. The three words that my group got were 'masochism','ink' and 'expand', and I find it a bit changeling to come up with 10 ideas on expressing the ideas about connecting the words, then I got stuck after the 6th or 7th sketches, so I feel like I should think about that subject and do some more research on it afterward.


We practiced some basic drawing skills today, which is something that I haven’t practice for a very long time, the contour drawing helped me to sketch more released and to express my ideas more easily through drawings. I think the general introduction about working with sketchbook and portfolio is really helpful and got me thinking on my own process of working. I’m still a bit confused with my approach on the words given, but at least I came up with some ideas to develop further into the later on proposal of this project. And then we were given some time to do collage to try to present the ideas and the overall mood in a more visual way, where I cut out a lot of figures that are half naked or dressed with cloths related to the theme 'masochism', for me to draw my designs directly on their pictures.

wear it



We did our second one-day project 'wear it' today, and I'm not really satisfied with the outcome I interpreted from the topic. I think the three key words 'suspend','support' and 'surround' were all about the connection and interaction between human body and the jewelry piece, so I drew out the idea sketches around this main understanding. After the group discussion, I decided to develop further into the idea of which wires could be used surrounding around wearer's neck, and crawling up on his/hers face, as a support to the head as well, meanwhile movement of the neck area will be suspended by the piece. However when I actually got my hand o n making it, the wire we have is too soft to stay in one shape, so I cannot create the structure as I planned to, though because of some wires shaped could support the wearer's ear and nose from the bottom of the whole structure, this piece did manage to suspend neck area successfully. I think other students in the course have made some absolutely diverse work, and I saw totally different understanding to the key words through their outcomes. I would take another sketched idea to build if I had more time, knowing that the given material isn't really suitable for this plan, and if I were to make this piece properly I'd use much more hard wires that are not this stretchy.


Today's the first day of the 'illuminated' project, we went sketching and collecting for primary research on the morning at kx. I sketched out shadow of people walking around and the sparks of light reflected over water surface to represent the movement of light, then I try to draw out the way lights can be seen in the building, though I don't like those sketches as much as I like those about motion. This project is much longer than our previous one-day projects, so I feel much prepared at the beginning since I already some research and simple experiments over the weekend, and also we'll be given a lot more time to build up ideas from research. I would figure out what further experiments I could do after doing artists research, where I want to focus on finding other artists' interpretations on the subject of light, especially the movement and exposure of lights.


I stayed in workshop all day today, to finish up the outcome for this project 'illuminate'. After an experiment I made last time, I found that the distance between wearer's face and the mask is key to how well its shadow could be casted over wearer's face. Therefore I need to make sure that the space in between is planned in advance so that the piece won't be too close. I first built a rough model using soft wire, just to have a clear visual sample to make the outcome later on. Technician introduced us how to use the basic machines and tools that we need and so the piece was done by the end of the day. However because of my poor time management I feel like I didn't create a piece within satisfaction, the quality was too poor and simple.



I decided to go onto JFFA direction in this project, and so after reading the specific project brief I got on to develop my research thinking more about the relationship between body and my design, about possibilities of surfaces sit above structures or say structures goes around surfaces. I want to design a jewelry piece to be wore on body, as interpretation of words “entangled” and “folded”. Over the day I just went through the ideas and research I got for this project and drew some more designs. I got some suggestions like i should do material research, and since I feel like felt could be a good material to built the model I had in mind, I went to a few shops trying to find felt suitable to use. However it turned out that they were either too soft or too rough, so that they can't be held in one good shape or won't give a nice visual effect. Therefore I got something else at the artshop, it's some sort of foam or plastic that has this really smooth surface texture and is easy to manipulate. I only got one day to go to workshop so that I went home to start making components that don't require workshop, and while making I found out several technical issues and fixed them after few attempts.

surface & structure



First day of our 'movement' project today, and also we joined in new groups after progress tutorial, so we got a lot more classmates coming from diagnostic groups, it's fun to see new people's work. In this project I'm still sticking with JFFA direction and develop my ideas with on the body area. When I think of the word 'movement' the fist thing that popped into my mind was 'restrict'--the restriction of making movements, which is the most common thing to be found in everyday life, for instance the force against while combing hair, really tight rubber bands on our shoulder or how we could stop someone's motion by giving force. Therefore I made two quick models around this word, one is which wearing it could restrict wearer's hand's motion, the other one holds its two wearers' together from neck.Another word that I'm thinking of looking into is 'twist',which at this stage I'lll just look for photos or artworks that represent the twisting form. I'll go through the research I've done today and present those that re helpful on sketchbook, so that I can move on to make better models and develop ideas in to next level.



We were asked to bring in another a2 sheet on the work that we've done over weekend, which for me I kept on making experimental samples and sketched ideas in the topic. Since I want to express the feeling of restriction through the process of wearing this jewelry, I think of something that requires two hands to wear, therefore I started using fast drying clay to build models between hands, with different interactive gestures, different finishings of clay could be shaped into. I don't really like the effect using fast drying clay, since the surface texture is a bit rough and uneven so that I decided to look into and test more possibly suitable materials for this experiment. My design for final outcome is a piece that consists of two part--a plastic outer structure in twisted pattern and inside which will be the clay piece so that wearers would have to hold it to keep the jewellery on their hands. I spent several hours carving on a plastic film trying to make my final and the outcome was not satisfying, because the film was too thin and too bendable, making the piece looks cheap.

a2 sheet on development process



Last day of first week, I'm still alive :) Before school starts my biggest issue was to meet new people, though it turns out still hard, I did manage to talk to people and made a few friends. Since English isn't my first language, I'm struggling to start conversation with students that don't speak Chinese on anything other than discussion on project, so I guess that's a goal for me on the following days.

When I first got the brief to this 'ideas factory' project, I was very unsure which pathway that I'd take to approach on the subject, because we don't have to actually create a final piece and instead only to show and present the design idea at last. However after brainstorming and doing some quick sketches relating to my words, I still decided to go with a jewel piece. The main idea behind my final proposal was based on the research on masochism, which some people use pain in order to seek pleasure. I figured that it's the most interactive and direct for wearer to wear my piece and then feel the pain that comes along, therefore I gave up on a few other ideas with installation or product that doesn't have direct connection between the piece and the audience's body.

I only had 3 or 4 pages of my sketched done, and among those, my biggest concern is the logical order of all these information I put on--since I usually work with loose pages during my previous work, I'm not really used to doing sketchbook which I cannot get back to certain pages and rearrange them so that the contents would be more consistence and logical. Later on I might just think twice before actually drawing on a page to prevent that.

The feedback I got from our presentation in small groups are mainly about not having a 3d model and no enough experiments to back up my final proposal. And my action plan is to create some 3d models in my future works, and also do research within a wider range, for instance perhaps some artists' research so that I could get inspirations from a lot of different views. After seeing other students' sketchbook, I really think some of which were brilliant and one thing I learnt was that I could develop the subject in a more abstract way rather than using every elements in an literal way.

feedback sheet


explore it



We had several discussions among small groups today, which allowed me brief presentations to other students' work. It's interesting finding out how we interpreted totally differently from the same big title. While I looked at my sketches and photos from yesterday, I came up with an idea on the way light gets reflected and leaves the whole image without a focus, reminding me of how people constantly get distracted by miscellaneous business around us. Therefore I decided to develop this project further with this idea, hopefully to create a piece that can leave the shadow of water on wearer's body and makes the look chaotic, representative to the way I see light's relationship with water.

To test out my ideas, I made a paper model of one of my sketches and asked a friend to wear it, to see the effect more visually, and from that simple prototype I got to see the things that need to be improved and the possible material choice of it.


It's the last day of this project, we're giving presentation and crits. We swapped group with the other class, in order to share our comments and thoughts with different people on our outcomes and the way we present our works on sketchbook. Works that I've seen were inspiring, I remember a headpiece especially, which was combing a wig and metal, not only the outcome was interesting, the process recorded was nicely arranged and could let us see how she got inspired by primary researches and goes to her design ideas, and also she got a lot of experiments and secondary researches as well to support her development. 

I got picked to present in our group, and I was pretty nervous to talk in front of class... But I did managed to finish talking, and Karla gave me a few comments ,like my final outcome was too simple and looks unfinished, which I totally agree with. That means I really need to have stronger time management and need to plan more thoroughly in advance so that I'd have enough time to finish up the works. Though I did get several feedbacks on the way I present works in my sketchbook, which were all saying nice things, I was flattered:).


I spent my whole day in metal workshop today, after showing my sketches and plans to our technician he helped me on working the structural piece out, the general outcome was satisfying only that I haven't got enough time to refine it, so there're a lot of details missing. Later on I piece the components I made so far together and finished my final outcome, which was surprisingly wearable and looks quite like my sketches. I tried several different types of glue to fix the piece together and I feel like I might need to put more things in my sketchbook to make sure I'm not missing any part in this process. 

peer to peer evaluation



Today's full of group discussions and talks. Through discussions I got feedback and how others feel about my research or ideas that were more fun to look into, like how our group members suggested me to develop into the words 'restrict' and 'twist' while Coco thought that from my research photo on dancing figure and the artist Melissa Clemente's jewelry could be a nice aspect of study, and I could probably use the concept of poppets in this project in response to the movement of restriction. I got to think about the concept of this project later today, and decided to use the idea of how 'restrictions' and the force against occur as people interact with each other, for instance how lovers are appeal to each other but meanwhile they all need 'personal space' in relationships. Material wise, I think I'll keep with the most basic materials such as paper and wire to make more sketch models before I develop anything further, which by then I want to play with different types of clay and also acrylic sheets.

a2 sheets (research&development)




build it



Today we did a one-day project called 'build it' and I surprisingly enjoyed it a lot. At first I'm a bit worried that I won't be able to keep up with the pace because I've never actually done any work relating to architecture and it is the perhaps the only pathway that I'm quite certain not going into... but still I'm interested to do this project also because of that. My group members were all very interactive and they kept coming up with new ideas, therefore I got inspired a lot. The model we built with bamboo sticks was something totally unplanned--we first put together a simple octahedron, and then a much complicated icosahedron and we put these two structures together and with some further changes and planning the model turned into this really tall and pointy structure that we used later on. We discussed about the imaginary functions of this building and decided that it's a tall landmark building that consists of a television station and a viewing tower, separated by a platform inside the building, and so while drawing our model I try to express these ideas through shading and some annotations. I think we build the structure model quite successfully today, but we didn't have enough time to proceed with our planned work during most of the sections, so I might need to work with that in the future study. And I feel like today's project really changed a lot on how I used to imagined with architecture, I'm definitely gonna try to take inspirations from architectural works later on.


The 'explore it' project is about product design, which we're supposed to be able to come up with ideas that could elevate the values of the given object--cherry tomatoes, lemons and watermelon. I had no idea how should I develop into this project at first, since these objects were too close to our daily life and I just have never think about making changes to the way they're presented or anything really. After buying all the fruits we need and taking pictures of them from as many stores as we can we started sketching ideas and building 3D model out of very basic and limited materials. Thread and paper were the only two materials I used to create both three models for cherry tomatoes and lemons, it was actually a condition that inspired me a lot, because I need to use the to build up structures as planned. Today we still worked super fast, having several 90 sec of time to sketch and then quickly moving on to creating the actual product was challenging yet fun, and I feel like I did manage to control my pace a bit better today, since I find given time enough to finish the models today. During our last task, which was a teamwork on working with a watermelon, the process was not completely smooth and the outcome was disappointing. We had this idea of building a base for the watermelon using paper, however paper is not hard enough to hold the weight of a watermelon so we turned to wire. The thing with this wire is that it's too soft and easily shaped that it can't be held in one shape if any change is made on the object. And so the structure we made out of wire went wrong at last and is basically useless, next time we'd think twice with the material choice and I wish all group member can share their ideas more baldly perhaps..


We had group tutorial with Georgia this morning, I shared the main things that I've done so far with our group and received quite a few suggestions. I had this 3d model made out of paper which goes on wearer's head, and yet the review I got is that the piece looks too heavy and draggy, failing to represent how I want it to feel like waves. Apart form that I got advised on the possible way to keep parts on my work unsteady to indicate the free movement of water. I decided to build all the basic models using only wire and paper, but for a final outcome I haven't made up my mind on material choice yet, it's probably going to be metal and translucent paper or cloth.

Also I get to think about whether we could use light source as a part of the jewelry piece or just make light coming from outside the piece--carrying light with someone is fun, but meanwhile it could bring along trouble like battery or wire, but with great thoughts given to this, the effect would be interesting. However I think we do need to consider the given situation, that we've only got until next tuesday to finish this project and we don't have that much materials to manipulate.


Today we brought the research we did over wednesday to further develop, by building simple 3D models and drawing some relevant ideas. I'm generally pleased with the research I gathered, especially the pictures I took from a sculpture made up from thousands of naked figures, which I also sketched and got me thinking about the keyword 'entangled'. The way how so many small pieces are piled up and connected together as if they were naturally a whole was really interesting, so I took this idea onto building 3D models. Other than that I also wanted to look into the word 'looped' and 'textured', therefore I made models according to these words--piece that consists of loops or could represent the feeling of entangling around wearer. We did some quick drawings with the ideas and I think I need to be a bit more bold and draw faster so that I could probably come up with more ideas. The two main materials I used to make model were paper and oil clay, both which were easy to manipulate and could be formed and held in a structure if I wish. The models gave me a much clearer visual to the possibilities of later on development, like the one that goes across fingers could be developed into a jewelry to be wore on body with the movement 'entangled'.

I think I'll still be designing jewelry to be wore on body.


We did presentations and discussion among groups on this finishing project, I found it really helpful hearing other talk about their works, the process they develop ideas and thoughts behind models. I think in this project, I responded to our brief quiet nicely, the 'structure' and 'surface' were both researched on and my final outcome is presenting my interpretation to keywords I used. As a next step, I need to do more experiments, not just on ideas, but also on choices of materials in order to discovery a wider range of possibilities. Also I think I could start thinking about conceptual approach a bit earlier in a project, so that I can get a stronger direction to work toward, probably giving outcome a clearer image.

movement reflection exercise



We had a lecture on making A2 portfolio sheets today and after which we made two experimental sheets on our own, one on research and the other one on development. I looked at all the sheets pinned up and I feel like some pictures on my sheets were too small in size, also there 's too much going on in one page, I might wanna eliminate out the informations that could go on to one sheet pf paper, or I could produce some more pages.

My plan for the weekend is to keep working with this project on sketchbook, I need to record the samples I made and the experiments I did, also I need to come up with more ideas and sketch them out. I have several choices of materials in mind, like clay, plastic or latex, but I've only got changes to get my hands on few of those, therefore I'm going to research on some more materials and make decision on the material suitable for my development. On next week I'll use Monday and Tuesday to make my final outcome and finish up this project by Wednesday.


I summarized the work I've done in this project and made two more A2 sheets over Wednesday to present today. I feel like I did most of the work as planned throughout the last week and a half, though I definitely need more research, both on my inspirations and on materials, for instance I want to study the interactive gestures between humans. By presenting among groups, I found that the logical order of my a2 sheets were a bit messy for audience to follow so I might need to fill in the gaps in between ideas or development stages, and also maybe rearrange the sheet better. Also since my design is aiming at people that has connection, like couples, and by wearing it they could feel how holding together a relationship takes force coming from both side, and that losing any part of the process would lead to the break of connection, people from my group suggested that I could try present this concept more clearly on my sketchbook and a2 sheets, so that they could understand my point without hearing me talk. Next week I'll get my hands on fixing these problems and catch up on workflow that I'm missing.

a2 sheet



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